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A Message From Child Sponsor - Amanda Ammons

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

"Nothing has taught me the power of these words more than the privilege of sponsoring Yoguibe, Santia, and Lampo.

My time in Togo, West Africa enlightened me to the challenges these sweet children face on a daily basis. Walking miles to fetch water, go to school, and attend church is commonplace. Other countless hours are spent working the fields to help provide food for their families.

From helping me carry buckets of well water in 2010 to reciting portions of scripture in 2018, I have watched Yoguibe Kolani (left photo) grow into an incredible young man, full of passion for God and others. It also brings my heart great joy to see Lampouguini Guountante (right photo) absorbing all that God has for her during our summer Bible camps in the village.

As we drove through the streets of Haiti lined with waste, I realized that poverty can take many forms. Living among the sweet children of Haiti that year began to make God’s calling on my life to 'help the least of these' become inexplicably clear. Although I have not yet had the privilege of meeting Santia Dorlean (middle photo), I am confident that the Lord is moving in her life as well and thankful to be a small part of her story.

When we choose not to give out of the abundance with which God has blessed us, the loss is truly ours."

– Amanda Ammons // Child Sponsor

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