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Uniform Drive: 2020-2021 School Year!

As fall approaches, families are preparing for the return to school. For most, this school year will look … quite different. Some will go back to traditional school buildings, some will experience virtual school, and some will learn in a home setting. Just as we “westerners” are preparing for our return to school, so Mentor Leaders students around the globe are also getting ready for their return!

I remember those days too well. I wondered if my mom knew just how excited we were when she took my sister and I to purchase our school supplies and new school uniforms. First day jitters, new teachers, new friends, and the excitement to see what that year would hold. Good memories! 

I remember shopping with my mom; hoping she would say “Yes” to that Crayola box with the sharpener on the back or “Sure!” to that special lunch box, I just had to have.

I also remember spending way too much time worrying, “What will I wear on my first day?” It’s really quite humorous when you consider that we all wore the same uniform! Still…there were the small details I wanted to incorporate that would make me stand out. Would I wear my new navy blue shirt? The plaid green skirt? And, most importantly, which new shoes would give me

confidence to tackle my first-day jitters.

The feelings of pride and belonging still linger as I recall my mother escorting me to my new classroom sporting my new uniform. My mom’s love, support, and of course, the brand new uniform all inspired every bit of the confidence I needed! 

Oh how excited we were to start school when we were children! Dear friend, that is how your sponsored child feels walking into their new classroom every new school year. You empower them to walk with confidence, pride, and a sense of belonging -- knowing that their sponsor supports them, cares for them… loves them.

This is why we want to partner with you. We are currently engaged in a Uniform Drive to purchase all of our Mentor Leaders students new and desperately needed uniforms for the year. The drive will reach and affect students in all of our schools: Togo, El Salvador, and Haiti.

For only $50 per student, you can provide a brand new uniform to include tops, bottoms, belts, socks, and shoes for your Sponsored Child. Many of you already give a little extra each month to cover this expense and for that we are grateful. If you wish to increase your monthly gift by just a small fraction, you can spread this small amount over the course of the year. Please contact our office if we can assist you in this. 

Once again, we thank you for your willingness to partner with us to make a difference this school year. Your generous spirit coupled with the tenacity of our exceptional Mentor Leaders Students has become a recipe for a bright future in these under-resourced parts of the world. It is a future we look forward to together. 



Mary // Child Sponsorship Coordinator

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